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Jun 21 2018

West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys

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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

Born and raised in the Palm Beach County legal system

West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney. Scott Skier, was born in West Palm Beach, a second-generation legal professional. Scott grew up in the courthouse as the son of a Palm Beach County Judicial Assistant. Mr. Skier is well-known and respected within the confines of the court and has successfully defended countless clients in front of all local County and Circuit judges.

An intimidating process made a little less frightening

The criminal justice system is undoubtedly scary for anyone charged with a crime. Not knowing what is happening and what is going to happen can be dreadful. We believe that West Palm Beach criminal defense attorneys have a duty to alleviate those fears in addition to providing a top-notch defense. From the moment you call The Skier Law Firm to the moment your legal dilemma comes to a close, we are there for you, explaining each and every aspect of your case and keeping you informed at all times. West Palm Beach criminal attorney, Scott Skier, takes the time to describe every step in the process in simple terms so you know what to expect at each stage.

Respected trial attorney with a record of success

If you’ve been arrested in Palm Beach or one of the surrounding counties, The Skier Law Firm, P.A. is prepared to deliver a vigorous defense based on our years of experience, skill, innate ability and a passionate desire to protect our clients. Attorney Scott Skier is:

Proven advocates — We’re determined to help you deal with the emotional trauma of the legal process so you can make well-informed, clearheaded decisions about your defense. We offer straightforward advice based on an accurate assessment of the risks to you, given the specific facts of your case. We place a premium on communication with clients, so you know where you stand at every stage of the process.

Proven negotiators — Attorney Scott Skier has been immersed in the Palm Beach County court system throughout their professional lives and have built a strong reputation among their peers for honesty and sound judgment. Mr. Skier has earned the respect of Prosecutors and Judges throughout the course of their career.

Proven fighters — There are times when justice can only be served by going to trial. The Skier Law Firm has enjoyed tremendous trial success in multiple high-profile State and Federal cases in which the odds were stacked against the client. These impressive victories have contributed to The Skier Law Firm s reputation as formidable trial lawyers. To learn more about our successes please view some of our verdicts and news articles.

Our West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Defends the Rights of Those Accused of Crimes

Being accused or even suspected of committing a crime is very serious. Your first call should be to a criminal defense attorney in West Palm Beach. At The Skier Law Firm, we are aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys with over two decades worth of experience. My practice, known as The Skier Law Firm, P.A. defends clients in cases that include:

  • Burglary and robbery
  • Drug crimes
  • DUI
  • Economic crimes
  • Federal crimes
  • Felonies
  • Major violent crimes
  • Misdemeanors
  • Prescription drug trafficking
  • Racketeering (RICO)

Building Your Case From The Ground Up

As Palm Beach County criminal defense attorneys, it is our job to do everything in our power, including using all of our local resources, to ensure the best possible outcome for you. This begins with a thorough review of your case. We will review your Arrest Affidavit (also known as the Probable Cause Affidavit) prior to meeting with you. We do this so we can properly determine what possible Defenses might exist regarding your matter. It is important to remember that simply because you are arrested for a crime, it does not necessarily mean that the State must file charges. We look for deficiencies in the prosecution’s case, inconsistencies among witness statements and question each detail. Due to our tenacity and dedication, we have built a strong reputation as West Palm Beach criminal defense attorneys who exceed the expectations of their clients.

When experience and trust matter most, retain the West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys who will fight for you

An arrest and the uncertainty that follows can be terrifying. At The Skier Law Firm, P.A. we want you to be informed and confident that we have the skill and experience to help you. To schedule your free consultation, call us at any time at 561-820-1508 or contact our firm online. We serve Palm Beach County, Dade County, Broward County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, Okeechobee County, Lee County and the surrounding areas.

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