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May 17 2018

Transportation factoring

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Factoring for transportation companies

Our transportation factoring division is a full service freight funding company for the transportation industry, we factor carriers in all fifty states, Canada, U.K. Asia, Australia and other countries:

Over-The-Road Transport Factoring
Air Carco Factoring
Ground Transportation Factoring
Intermodal Factoring
Logistics Factoring
Ocean Freight Factoring
Rail / Freight Train Factoring
Factoring Other Carriers

Our fees are one of the lowest in the industry, and our application and funding process is simple and straightforward. We can fund customers with smaller needs starting at $5,000.00 and those carriers who need funds advanced of $15 Million a month or more.


Some of our transportation factoring program options and advantages:

Funding from $5,000 to $15 million
Fuel Advances
Funding Off Copies
High Advances on Freight Bills
No Contracts – No Minimums
Rates (very competitive)
Same Day Funding
Spot Factoring

Our common goal is to earn your business with the best possible deal – beating our competitors

We are experienced trucking freight factoring specialists

You will be dealing directly with the decision makers

Quick funding with our simple process

You will be charged only for the funds used – draw down just the funds you need

Freight bill advances on average to 92.50% (higher on a case by case basis)

Once we collect on the invoice the remaining balance is credited back to you less our small fee

We grant credit to your customers which can help you increase your loads

Our availability up to $15 million becomes your company’s availability as it grows

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