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Mar 22 2018

Torrent Search Engine

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Welcome to Torrentkit

Use our Torrent Search Engine to find any file. Simply clever.

Welcome to fast and powerful torrent search engine combining results from 70+ websites that offer download files free. The service is very similar to and allows users to find any movie, TV serie, ebook and software. All sites we support are clean, fully safe and offer only legit and verified files without surveys or hidden payments. Remember that you are not able to download torrents directly from this website, this is only smart searcher but to receive chosen stuff you will need to visit one of popular sites which host magnet links. We indexing tons of pages from multiple urls and present on table of results here. Notice that is meta-search engine and a multisearch. You won’t find a cache, trackers or any torrent directory here. You do not need to have any 3rd party tool to get wanted file from us, simply visit this page and find what you are looking for. If you have any suggestions about this best Torrent Search system, click “contact” and send us a message. If you are not sure about any torrent, do not worry. Read comments and reviews under the list of generated results or simply check the number of thumbs up/down at the top of page with links. Additionally, you can read features and benefits of using this service by clicking “about” link. Another good info is you don’t have to register here to start using this tool. You can set this service as homepage to save your time and always remember to search torrents only here. Kit allows visitors to see similar files after they search for something, it makes finding process easier and faster. Info: if you are the owner of the site which host programs/videos/apps or other tools ready to download, simply contact us and we will add your domain to our collection. From that moment our website will show results going to your own website and we bring traffic! Warning: your site need to meet our standards: be legit, 100% free & fully working, no surveys and no scam, no illegal files and no viruses. Approval process might take some time, but please be patient. This new torrent search engine is clone, copycat, successor and replacement of the site, you remember that miracle for sure. We try to deliver all locations of wanted Serie, Program, Music etc in a short time with no cost. Enjoy of using our tool and have a nice day, pirate!

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