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Sep 7 2018



Dirt Cheap Used Cars For Sale


Dirt Cheap Used Cars For Sale


Up ahead David managed to finally place a hand on his short haired Mexican Chihuahuas neck collar, the silver metallic form glistening beneath the moonlight as he grappled with the uneasy canine and clipped the leash, head turned towards the distant woodlands from which they had just come, ears and eyes trying to detect any shape or form that had caused his dog to react so suddenly.

“I don t know what s gotten into you Sabre, you ve never behaved like this before. Foolish creature, it s probably a ground squirrel or bird that s got you spooked”

Turning around, he pulled briskly on the leather handled leash, Sabre growling and set fast in a hunkered down position, about as threatening as a rancid rat, teeth bared and ears flicking wildly around as they detected every movement, every sound back in the woodlands. David pulled harder, finally managing to haul the dog along behind him as he headed back towards the old swing style wooden gate that creaked and groaned in the evening breeze, it s rotting and rusting hinges rough to the touch as he unclipped the bar and closed it firmly behind them, taking one final long look into the murky distance beneath the light of the big full moon.

Way back, the creature rose from it s semi kneeling position, it s shadow cast long across the wooded landscape, over the broken fence as his ears pricked up, eyes trained into the distance where the man and his dog were upping the pace and bolting for the little protection that the concrete dam might afford them in the short walk back to the safety of the clubhouse and car park. The creature s nose snuffled and rose into the air as he detected the heady aromas of the night s offerings. And those hunger pangs deep within that belly burned like a fire. It was time to feast like the king of the wild he was.

David was by now half way across the dam walkway, Sabre still aggressive of posture, growling deep and low, continually looking behind him as though he knew that something awful was this way coming. And soon. With stealth strides, the beast was at the gate in a matter of seconds, jumping over the old wooden structure and stopping momentarily to place it s paws upon his fur covered waist and tilt his head backwards enough to facilitate a long and loud call of the wild, powerful enough to alert Mildred and Stanley Eccleston at number twenty five Carundale Way who were nibbling on a bucket of freshly made microwavable popcorn and assorted savoury snacks whilst watching a remastered rerun of Carry on Screaming .

“ What the hell was that sort of ridiculously loud and scary call of the wild noise, Stanley?

“That, my little pixie nosed, furry eared bath bun was probably something they added in to the soundtrack when they did the remastering. They always go overboard. Look at the original Star Wars film when they first remastered it in the nineties. Singing bleeding Ewoks all over the shop that were not in the original. Annoying little furry bastards, and all just a ruse to give gainful employment to dwarfs. If that s not heightism, then I am a Dutchman. Enough to turn a man to drink. You ll find that s what that was dear. Either that or a bleeding great werewolf in the woodlands giving chase to some poor unsuspecting fool out walking his dog”

“Oh ”, Mildred exclaimed as she twiddled with the curlers in her hair and settled back into the faux leather settee they d purchased at a rock bottom price from DFS in one of their numerous end of season sales, to enjoy the part of the film where Odd bod and odd bod Junior first come into the storyline. How she chuckled as she tucked into another packet of pork scratchings.

Meanwhile, David was in sight of the car park, his right hand desperately fumbling within his trouser pocket for the car keys which had an uncanny knack of making themselves invisible and unavailable at the most awkward of moments. Now that was a trick that David certainly could have made use of a few times in his life, but sadly he did not possess the same skills as his keys. Sabre was mighty restless, turning round and straining at the leash to run free towards the dam pathway from which they had just trotted. David finally gathered the keys in his hand, placing them up towards the light of the moon to ascertain the correct one for his car door. His eyes had never been the same since that Buy one, get one free backstreet lazer surgery, the court case still pending naturally. Just then, as his eyes lowered, David saw the shape of the huge beast that slowly walked towards them both. His heartbeat increased dramatically as the dawn of realization dawned upon him in a realization and dawny sort of way!

“That s a big fucking dog”, he quipped as in fear for his life, the leash slipped from his hand and allowed Sabre, ever ready and coiled like a tight spring, to launch forwards at breakneck speed towards the shadowy beast that stood just twenty five feet ahead of their position.

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