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Sep 7 2018

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  • Fire Detection Installers

    Fire Detection Installation of Ziton Fire Alarm Panels, FireCell Wireless Fire Alarm panels and Axis Fire Panels. Panels available in 1, 2, 4 and 8 loop configurations. With decades of specialist expertise instilled in Ziton fire alarm systems, which are designed for multi-purpose installations. Ziton Fire Alarm Systems have advanced fire and smoke sensors and a comprehensive array of features with powerful benefits.

    Fire Alarm Installation

    We supply, install and service Fire detection systems such as the, Ziton fire alarm panels namely the ZP range of Conventional and Addressable systems. Ongoing development to ensure that Ziton fire alarm systems remain highly competitive and affordable internationally and locally both in terms of features and value for money.

    Areas we install in

    We are flexible and therefore we install and service fire detection alarm systems in and out of Johannesburg. Quality is assured through designing to EN54 fire alarm standards, having products that are certified by recognized laboratories such as LPCB and Vds and by applying ISO9000 certified processes to quality controls. .

    Ziton Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

    Installation, Service and Maintenance

    ZITON Fire Alarm and Detection systems from UTC & Fire Security provide reliable, affordable electronic fire safety and security solutions that help secure and protect your home and business assets. ZITON provides an innovative range of Fire detection control panels and sensors as well as analogue addressable systems that cover all applications from residential installations to high-end industrial and commercial installations.

    The Ziton ZP3 Fire alarm panel is an analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system, with advanced technology to providing maximum flexibility through a comprehensive range of hi tech hardware, fully supported by software based application. Smart panel design, combined with high sensitivity fire and smoke detecting, enabling the ZP3 not only to identify false or unwanted alarms – but rather to recognize and respond to real fires as soon as possible. The ZP3 fire system offers tailor made engineered solutions for all applications, from single to multi panel networks.

    Software integration allows facilities such as alarm organization, with cause and effect and evacuation procedure requirements to be easily programmed and controlled into any system. All the customer’s data and information is kept in non volatile flash memory, to ensure initial system data input and on site modifications and amendments and should the need arise.

    Single Panel installation

    Modular design backed by powerful software enables ZP3 systems to be configured exactly to the needs of a site. Ziton Control panels are available in 1 up to 4 loop configurations, these can accommodate up to 508 sensors. Sites that require more than 4 loops, can have panels networked together to form systems capable of controlling a large number of devices from various panels. Up to 127 line devices can be connected to each of the control panel loops.

    Multi Panel installation

    All loop device systems incorporate switch settings which enable them to be assigned a unique address. Variations in the sensors environment that are caused by increase of temperature are signaled to the panel where they are sent and compared to fire data, prior to any alarm being activated. Communication between control panel and sensor enables the ZP3 to provide a wide range of user functionalities including pre alarm notification, continuous sensitivity adjustment and service and near service listings for all the different sensor types.

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